As the cure for Blood Veil circulates through the city, the balance of power beings to shift. The Cover of Night learn that being in the public eye ha...View Details

Book 2 Recap

Daft and Rane sit down to recount the events of Curse of the Crimson Throne Book 2, Seven Days to the Grave. Join them as they discuss the challenges,...View Details

The Cover of Night emerge from the Temple of Urgathoa victorious, only to find that the truth of their discovery holds a new battle in the harsh light...View Details

In the inner sanctum of the Temple of Urgathoa, the Cover of Night face off against the architect of the city's destruction: Lady Andaisin.----more---...View Details

The Cover of Night press further into the Temple of Urgathoa and learn that cultists aren't their only problem. ----more---- This session features "Vo...View Details

A long elevator ride reveals here-to-for unknown secrets beneath Midland. Our heroes come face to face with a long-sought foe. ----more---- This sessi...View Details

Doctor Davaulus holds his position as the Cover of Night close in around him and the Queen's Physicians. ----more---- The Curse of the Crimson Throne ...View Details

Blackjack returns with new evidence that throws the entire investigation of Blood Veil on its head. With this and the testimony of Jolistina, the Cove...View Details

The investigation of Carowyn Manor continues, revealing new horrors and old enemies at work. Cressida Kroft reveals a here-to-for unknown ally.  ----m...View Details

Session 35 - Plague Party

Carowyn Manor's ballroom becomes the venue for a macabre dance. A elf with a sick sense of humor plays twisted game of cat and mouse.----more---- This...View Details

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